Insects are among the most beloved animals of students in the preparatory class A at Gh. Lazar Pedagogical College in Cluj-Napoca. Ladybird or bee, butterfly or stag beetle, praying mantis or grasshopper, all have been studied with curiosity by students who have learned which ones are useful and why and […]

Book of Senses in Nature

The first activity of the new generation of the Nature Club was about the use of senses in nature. The Preparatory Class A of the “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College has made the Book of Senses in Nature as a first activity of sensitizing and approaching nature. They identified the 5 […]

Biodiversity Week in Băişoara

The Biodiversity Week was celebrated at the two schools in Băişoara, the “Mircea Luca” Secondary School and the Băişorii Mountain School through class activities, focusing on protected areas and nature. Topics such as insects, herpetofauna, the food chain, the forest as a habitat for plants and animals were addressed. Thank […]

Insects world

Students of three grades from the “Eugen Pora” Theoretical High School in Cluj-Napoca were introduced into the wonderful world of insect educators for nature from Green Echoes. They were fascinated by the techniques of attacking and defending insects in our country, how they camouflaged, and last but not least, they […]