Junior Ranger Camp at Rimetea (July)

“Friendship, fresh air, forest carpets, hiking and adventure, the campfire being the end of the day that I would always want to live!” (Vero Isaila, Camp Participant)

The participants of this camp were students from Blaj’s gymnasium classes, who had some wonderful and special days in the mountains.

And because the rules are important, students have achieved the “camp constitution”, setting bed and wake hours, meal times, rules of camp and hiking.

During the camp a lot of work was done in teams. Treasure hunt was preferred by students. Each group took some pictures of the “nature treasures” and the teams had to discover the treasures. It was a real challenge, but it was worth the effort!

Relating stories based on carefully selected elements of nature was another successful activity. And the stories presented by each team were very surprising and funny.

Together with the custodians of the protected area in the area, the students traveled easily, to the medieval iron mines, marked with a yellow triangle, where they learned about the tourist markings in our country and how they are classified.

At the end of the camp, all students received a Junior Ranger diploma, the unusual photos being the memories that will remain forever!